The garden is coming together!

It’s been a good start to the year! Despite everything going on in the world at the moment, we are super thrilled and very grateful for being able to keep the wheels turning. We kicked off our new project in Morocco this month (February 2021) finishing the planning of the garden and getting to work […]

Corporels – new partner to Argan Care is new partner to Argan Care,  in particularly supporting our latest initiative benefiting the community in the Argan production region of Southwestern Morocco. The main purpose of the project is to preserve precious herbs and medicinal plants that are rapidly diminishing in the Argan forest. School children will be involved in the project and […]

A valuable gift for the holidays

Give a gift that really matters! Give a donation to Argan Care with the amount of your wish as a gift to someone you care about! The donation can be done through VIPPS (10604), regular bank transfer or via PayPal. Enter the name of the recipient of the gift and your e-mail address when you transfer the […]

Planting trees for the SDGs!

The Argan forest is massively threatened by deforestation as it is exposed to climate change and other threats.
The Argan tree has existed over 80 million years (!) and it only grows in a particular area of the world: the southwestern part of Morocco.