Corporate Partners

Local Partner organization: Ibn Al Baytar

Argan Care works with an organization in Morocco to help carry out all the practical parts of the project. The organization, Ibn Al Baytar, has a long history of great success in Morocco. The founder, Dr. Zoubida Charrouf, is known as “the Godmother of Argan”, being the one that first discovered the scientific properties of the Argan tree and the creator of the first ever established women’s cooperative in Morocco.

Ibn Al Baytar
Ibn Al Baytar (IBA) was created in 1999 following the work undertaken by Dr. Charrouf as a professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Rabat to assure local development and empowerment of rural women in Morocco. Many activities were carried out in research, development, training, income generating activities, reforestation and communication.

These efforts enabled the enhancement of the main product; argan oil. In 2009 it received international recognition as the best cosmetic ingredient in the world. More than 200 women’s cooperatives were created based on the model of the first women’s cooperative established in 1996 by Dr. Charrouf.
Despite the socio-economic and environmental role of the argan tree, more than 600 hectares of the forest has disappeared since the 1970s . AIB wanted to turn this environmental problem into an economic opportunity for the locals to invest in preserving the forest.

Award achievements:

  • October 2011 – research and development Price: Rabat Faculty of Science, University Mohammed V
  • June 2011 – Islamic bank Price Development ‘contribution of women to development
  • May 2011- Prize FIDAPA, Italy
  • May 2011 – Company Price Italian Chemistry, Calabria section, on the occasion of the Year of Chemistry, Italy
  • May 2011 – VivereIn Prize 2011 for chemistry, conservation of nature and the emancipation of women, Italy
  • 2009 – Winner of the Grand Prize for research and innovation in the higher education ministry and the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology,
  • September 2009 – Trophy South Foundation for social activities in the Souss Massa Draa region
  • October 2008 – parmeggiano Reggiano Award for the work done for recognition of argan oil as a geographical indication,
  • 2005 – Trophy of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity 2005 for all of the development work done in favor of the argan tree and rural women, presented by HM King Mohammed VI
    Watch interview with Dr. Zoubida Charrouf on CNN here.