We can build a sustainable future

The Argan forest is rapidly diminishing. Only about 1/3 of the original forest is left!
Argan trees cover an area of about 800,000 hectares compared to the original 2,5 million hectares

There are several reasons why the forest is diminishing including:

  • Overuse by humans
  • Pressure from agricultural practices
  • Climate change

Why exactly is the Argan tree so special?

  • The Argan tree is an endemic specie that grows in Morocco
  • It is one of the longest surviving trees on the planet
  • It is extremely resilient and can adopt to harsh weather conditions, such as going for long periods without any water
  • The famous Argan oil comes from the Argan tree
  • The long roots of the tree keep the Sahara desert from spreading
  • The Argan tree can live for up to 200 years


Why should we protect the Argan tree?

  • The Argan tree plays a very important socio-economic and cultural role
  • The Argan tree directly contributes to the lives of more than two million people
  • Argan oil made from the fruits of the trees supports the livelihood of the people living in the Argan forest area
  • Protecting the forest means a sustainable income for the locals
  • Protecting the forest means protecting Earth from climate change