We plant trees for the global sustainable development goals

The Argan forest is massively threatened by deforestation as it is exposed to climate change and other threats.
The Argan tree has existed over 80 million years (!) and it only grows in a particular area of the world: the southwestern part of Morocco.
The Argan tree grows very slowly, but it is extremely resistant. It can live for 150 years or more, and because of its deep root system, it can survive long periods of drought. Therefore, the Argan tree is often considered as an ultimate warrior when the desert is encroaching, but it is getting increasingly harder for the tree to survive due to the climate changes we are facing.
Argan Care is working to combat the threat to the forest, but is also very concerned for the life of people in the Argan forest. The trees provide shelter against the sun and products of the trees are used for dietary, medicinal and cosmetic purposes. The trees are also a source of income to many people in the area, as they create natural products that are exported for sale, most famously: argan oil.
Unfortunately, during the 20th century, the Argan forest has reduced by half and, in some areas, the density of trees is 66% lower than that of 50 years ago!
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