During the pandemic we started a project to plant aromatic plants and medicinal herbs that are endangered in the Argan forest area.
We planted a “garden” in an area that is 600m2, which is connected to a women’s argan oil cooperative. The women workers make use of these plants in the products they make, creating new product lines. A wider goal of the project has been to help protecting these plants that are diminishing and some are even threatened of extinction. These plants have traditionally been used by the locals for centuries to anything from cooking, skin-care treatments and medicinal purposes. In more modern societies, these traditions are slowly fading. To ensure that the knowledge and know-how of these plants are not completely fading, we decided early that this planting-project would involve school students¬†from the schools in the districts. The students would learn about these plants and their qualities through field excursions to the “garden” and given opportunities to see, learn, discuss and even doing some planting themselves.