It’s been a good start to the year! Despite everything going on in the world at the moment, we are super thrilled and very grateful for being able to keep the wheels turning.

We kicked off our new project in Morocco this month (February 2021) finishing the planning of the garden and getting to work preparing the soil and laying out the foundation for planting.

Local experts in have been doing the work and it’s starting to look good! We are expecting the garden to be ready in March.

The plants and herbs planted will be used by the women working at the women’s cooperative right next to the garden. The garden will also be part of an educational program for all school children in the greater area. The main objective of the educational program is to revitalize traditional knowledge of local grown herbs and plants, which hopefully will spark an interest within the youth to preserve these the plants that are diminishing in the area.


List of herbs and plants that will go into the garden 

Thyme – two kinds
Oregano – two kinds
Lavender – two kinds
Mugwort – two kinds
Mint – two kinds
Basil – three kinds

Laurel – two kinds
Myrtle – two kinds