The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to Norway partners with Norwegian non-profit Argan Care

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to Norway has partnered with the Norwegian non-profit organization, Argan Care for a long-term partnership.
The main goals of the partnership are to reinforce the presence of Morocco in Norway and the cooperation between the Moroccan and Norwegian people, to support Argan Care’s efforts to empower women in Morocco through sustainable, economic activities and to support Argan Care’s work to protect the endangered Argan forest.

The Embassy appreciates the hard work and efforts done by Argan Care to improve living conditions for people in Morocco and for the efforts toward protecting the Argan forest, which is a unique forest endemic to Morocco. Protecting the forest has a huge impact on not only the locals living in the area, but to all of us as the trees serves as a barrier to the Sahara desert and sustain an important eco-system,says H.E. ambassador, Dr. Lamia Radi.

It’s an honor to be working closely with the Embassy and H.E. Ambassador Lamia Radi and her team. It’s a wonderful to get recognition from a partner like the Embassy and we are very much looking forward to working with them, -says Benedicte Westre Skog, founder of Argan Care.

About Argan Care
Argan Care have a strong focus on sustainable development and protecting the precious Argan forest that is vital to millions of people in Morocco, in particular the Amazigh people that live in and around the forest area. Protecting the Argan forest also has a very positive impact on the global climate. Argan Care further work to create jobs, in particular for women, and has a strong focus on empowering women. More information on